SDS Hop Cross 16 oz Willi Becher

Enjoy your next beer in the Suds Duds Society Hop Cross 16 oz Willi Becher!  The glass is printed with the SDS horizontal logo on the front and the SDS Hop Cross on the flip side.  Craft beer was not meant to be drank from a regular pint glass.  Support small beer one pint at a time!  

The Willi Becher, German-style pub glass, has a tall slender body and tapered head. It shows off the beer's color and clarity in an appealing manner, while the tapered top shape better retains the beer's head, concentrate aromas & make it easy to hold.  This type of glass is perfect for serving German style lagers all the way to American hop forwarded ales.

Original Artwork created by Innuendo Design Co.

Product Details:

-Dimensions 3" × 3" × 6.5"

-Holds 16.75 fluid oz

-Heat-Treated Glass