SDS Deconstructed Hop Cross 17 oz Nordic Cooler

Pour the next 16 oz tall boy in the Suds Duds Society Deconstructed Hop Cross 17 oz Nordic Cooler!  The glass is printed with the original SDS circle logo on the front and a deconstructed hop cross pattern wrapped around the remainder of the glass.  Craft beer was not meant to be drank from a normal pint glass.  Support small beer one pint at a time!  

Nordic Cooler Description:  Pair your beverages with the modern elegance of the 17 oz. Nordic Cooler. It's perfect as a general beverage service tumbler, Collins glass for cocktails and of course craft beer pint glass alternative. Softly rounded with a heavy base, this brilliantly clear glass is as versatile as it is beautiful.

Original Artwork created by Innuendo Design Co.

Product Details:

-Dimensions 2.75" × 2.375" × 5.875"

-Holds 17 fluid oz

-Hand Wash Only for Best Results