Zaftig Brewing Co | Full Bodied, High Gravity Ales

Zaftig Brewing Co | Full Bodied, High Gravity Ales

Founded in 2013, Zaftig is the only craft brewery in Worthington, Ohio. They are unique in that they focus on high gravity, full bodied ales. Full body, high gravity means a big mouth feel and a generally higher alcohol by volume percentage. Zaftig is a German Yiddish word meaning "(of a woman) having a full, rounded figure; plump". The original German is saftig - or "juicy". They hold true to this by making every beer evoke a taste or mouthfeel of voluptuousness and fullness - even in the lighter beer. Zaftig prides themselves on using locally-sourced or Ohio-grown ingredients, and giving back to the local community as much as possible. They donate at least 2% of revenue to charitable events over the course of the year, and are best known in the community for supporting domestic animal rescue efforts (adoption centers) and supporting Habitat For Humanity Mid-Ohio's The House that Beer Built initiative.


Zaftig Brewing's BIG beers have won some BIG awards.  At the 2018 US Open Beer Championships, Big Barleywine & Ol' Rugger Aged Imperial Stout both won Gold medals.  The Big Barleywine won the English Barley Wine category & Ol' Rugger was sitting atop of the Wood/Barrel Aged Strong Stout Non-Traditional.  Ol' Rugger shared Gold with a special unicorn beer, Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout, brewed by a brewery you may know...Toppling Goliath Brewing.  You are doing something right when you are sitting at the top with TGB.  Zaftig is currently offering barrel-aged bottles of both beers. So do yourself a favor if you are in the Columbus area and go grab some bottles!  FYI, if you plan on sampling other beers, before you leave have a ride ready because their lowest ABV no the board right now is 6%!  Check out there tap list here.  Luckily, SDS members got the homebrew recipe for the Red Rye IPA because the taproom blew through all the kegs in about a month.  

Speaking of homebrew, Zaftig works closely with Buckeye Brewcraft a local homebrew supply store out of Westerville Ohio.  Suds Duds Society will be working with Buckeye Brewcraft on sponsoring local Columbus Ohio homebrew club Scioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists. SODZ is a club for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts who meet at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of the month from September through May at various sites in Columbus, Ohio.  They promote the recreational pleasures of homebrewing while providing information on various beer styles thru tastings and create a forum where fellow homebrewers & beer enthusiasts can interact.  Something unique about the club is their in-house monthly competitions.  Suds Duds Society will be sponsoring an up coming monthly competition with the selected winner receiving a gift card from Buckeye Brewcraft!  This month's competition is Tis' The Season! Christmas/Winter Speciality (21B), Belgian Specialty (16E), Wood Aged (22C), Speciality (23, convince us it’s Christmas)!  Good Luck Brewers!

Go support your local brewery, homebrew supply store, & local homebrew club!

Don't forget to support small beer one tee at a time!  Cheers!

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