Trinity Brewing Delegation | Jasper Castillo

Trinity Brewing Delegation | Jasper Castillo

Jasper is a full-time union sheetmetal worker in Fort Worth, Texas who started homebrewing back in 2015.  Through a beer camp meet-up, he met a couple of guys who live near him and have been brewing together ever since.  They go by “Trinity Brewing Delegation,” TBD for short and are apart of a local homebrew club “The Cap and Hare”. He was recently hired on at Martin House Brewery in Fort Worth TX as part of the Hospitality team but hopefully he will soon get to work behind the scenes where the real magic happens!
Home brewing is the most satisfying hobbies of his because it is something he can watch his friends and family enjoy.  Follow him on instagram @homebrew_guy if you aren't already and check out his go to Amber Lager recipe below!  It is an awesome year-round brew and an all-time favorite among his Framily!

TBD Bock

Amber Lager (10 Gallon recipe)

60 Minute Mash:

Mash @ 152 Degrees

15 lbs Pale Malt

3lbs- Flaked Corn

2lbs- Munich ll

2lbs 8.0 oz- Vienna Malt

4.0 oz- Midnight Wheat

Sparge @ 168 Degrees

60 Min Boil:

1.50 oz- Cluster hops @ 60 min = 17.2 IBUs

1 tbs- Irish Moss @ 15 min


White labs #WLP833 German Bock Lager (2 Packs)

Ferment temperature @ 50 degrees for 2 weeks.

Drop 2 degrees a day till you hit 42 degrees then hold for a week.

Drop 2 degrees a day till you reach 32 degrees then hold for a week.

Keg or Bottle at 2.7 volume of CO2

Analytical Targets:



ABV- 5.8%-6.0%

IBU- 17.2

SRM- 9.8

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