Tactical Brewing Co.  |  Black Spot Dark Lager

Tactical Brewing Co. | Black Spot Dark Lager

Tactical Brewing is located in Orlando, FL. They are owned & operated by some badass veterans that love America and locally crafted beer! Their mission is to create high quality craft beer first and foremost while striving to provide an exhilarating atmosphere.  Create a brand unlike anywhere else for their thirsty patrons while educating people about beer in the process. They want every customer to feel welcomed and seek to serve as a community hub for veterans, first responders, and craft beer lovers alike. Their tag line embraces that very thing...

“Strategically Chaotic Beer For Those Who Have Been There and Done That.” This tagline emphasizes how these brews are created to reward individuals that come from all walks of life. After living for at least 21 years, everyone who will be drinking their beer has been through enough in their lives to be able to earn the right to enjoy their handcrafted deliciousness. The “strategically chaotic” portion of the tagline refers to the unique beers and a fun brand Tactical Brewing Co. has created. The tagline will mean something different to everyone and this is the intention.  Speaking of unique beers, what about a beer with oyster shells?!

The highlighted beer from Tactical Brewing Co is one of the most creative recipes yet!  Haven't made a black lager yet and certainly nothing containing shell fish!  The beer is called Black Spot which is a dark lager with oyster shells.  The base beer would be considered a Schwarzbier and under the BJCP guidelines the overall impression goes as follows, "A dark German lager that balances roasted yet smooth malt flavors with moderate hop bitterness. The lighter body, dryness, and lack of a harsh, burnt, or heavy aftertaste helps make this beer quite drinkable." 

Once you add the oyster shells, the beer would be considered and entered as a Specialty Beer.  With the addition of the oyster shells, surprisingly you won't be getting much seafood flavors but more of a salty or briny flavor addition to the beer.  You may be thinking to yourself, how in the world do I prep the oyster shells to make Black Spot Dark Lager?  Well, keep reading and you will find out!

The black lager base beer is pretty self explanatory but the prep of the oyster shells is quite different if you have never handled oysters and or brewed with shell fish.  Start with 6 fresh good sized oysters that has not been steamed.  Clean off as much of the meat and dirt as possible.  Heat up water in a good sized pot to 200 degrees F and pasteurize the shells for at least 20 min.  This will kill any active live bacteria keeping the finished beer clean.  Add the pasteurized shells to a sanitized carboy or bucket and rack the fermented black lager base beer onto the shells.  Keep the beer on the shells for 2 days before bottling or kegging.  Keep Calm and Brew On! 



Black Spot
Black Lager With Oyster Shells
5.5 Gallon Recipe
Malt Bill and Mashing:
60 min Mash (@152 Degrees)
8.5 lbs of German Pilsen malt
1 lb 14 oz of Munich II malt (8-10 SRM)
1 lb Carafa II malt (~400 SRM)
Sparge (@168 Degrees)

Boil and Hops Schedule: 
Boil 60 Minutes
0.6 oz Magnum (13.0% AA) @ 60 min
2.0 oz Saaz (3% AA) @ 1 min
Yeast and Fermentation:
Saflager W-34/70 Dry Yeast (2-3 packs or healthy starter)
Primary Ferment @ 54F for 12 days
Secondary Ferment @ 60F for 3 days (Diacetyl rest)
Crash to 34F and lager for 3 weeks
Rack onto oyster shells 2 days before packaging
Keg/Bottle Age Till 2.5 Volume of CO2
Drink Fresh!
Analytical Targets:
OG 1.055
FG 1.010
ABV - 5.8%
IBU - 23
SRM- 27


Support small beer one tee at a time!

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