Precarious Beer Project | Leichtbier

Precarious Beer Project | Leichtbier

Precarious Beer Project is a modern brewery, focused on pushing the envelope of beer.  Whether it be trying radical new processes, celebrating local produce in their culinary-inspired beers, or attempting perfection through more traditional styles.  They are always challenging and pushing themselves to create amazing moments, flavors, textures, and stories.  Blending classic brewing techniques with a modern approach combined with a progressive ingredient selection makes Precarious Beer Project a killer place to grab an inspired pint!  Whether it’s one of their modern hazy IPA’s, to one of their elegant pilsners, they are anything but ordinary!  Precarious Beer is enjoying challenging the status quo and doing the unexpected.  

Precarious Beer Project and Suds Duds Society had teamed up way before the awards were given at the Great American Beer Festival October 5th in Denver, Co.  Within the first few categories announced they medaled in the Pro-Am Category!  Precarious Beer won a silver medal for a Leichtbier they collaborated on with Joel Miller a local patron/homebrewer.  Do you know what a leichtbier is and how it translates into English?

If you guessed light beer you would be correct and the Leichtbier style is the German equivalent to the American light lager.  The Leichtbeir style is a light bodied pale German lager with low alcohol and calories.  To be fair, the German version has way more flavor than the American counterpart.  The flavor resembles a German Pilsner with noticeable malt and hop character unlike the USA light lager that taste like water.  The malt character comes from German Pilsner malt and the hop character from the German Sazzer-Type hops.  

The overall impression of a German Leichtbier is pale, highly-attenuated, light-bodied German lager with lower alcohol and calories than normal strength beers. Moderately bitter with noticeable malt and hop flavors, the beer is still interesting to drink.  The ABV ranges from 2.4-3.6% and the IBU varies between 15 to 28.  Do you want to know how to brew a GABF award winning Leichtbier?  If so keep reading...

Leicht (6 gallon recipe)
Leichtbier Pale German Lager
2019 GABF Pro-Am Silver Medal 
Malt Bill and Step Mash:
  • 6.5 lbs Weyermann Pilsner Malt (86.7%)
  • 1 lbs Weyermann Munich Il (13.3%)
  • Mash PH @ 5.2-5.4
  • 30 min Mash (@147-50 Degrees)
  • 30 min Mash (@158-60 Degrees)
  • Sparge (@168 Degrees with 5.0 PH)
  • Vorlouf Until Clear
Boil and Hops Schedule:
  • Boil 90 min
  • 0.5oz German Magnum Hops 9% AA @ 90 min (18 IBU)
  • Kettle Finings @ 15 min
  • 0.25oz Halltertauer Mittlefruh 3.7% AA @ 10 min (2 IBU)
  • Yeast Nutrient @ 0 min
Yeast and Fermentation:
  • Jasper Augustiner Lager or Omega Augustiner Strain
  • Pitch @ 51 degrees and oxygenate with pure O2
  • Primary ferment @ 54 degrees
  • At terminal rise to 60 degrees hold for 48 hours
  • After passing diacetyl test crash to 33 degrees
  • Keg after a few days with Biofine @ 2.6 Vol. of CO2
  • Lager until clear and tasty
Analytical Targets:
OG 1.038
FG 1.009
ABV - 3.9%
IBU - 18-20
SRM - Pale!!


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