Nordeast Brewers Alliance  |  BREW.DRINK.REPEAT

Nordeast Brewers Alliance | BREW.DRINK.REPEAT

"To bring home brewers, and the greater community together to increase their knowledge of beer and brewing through education and experimentation, and having fun doing it."

This is the mission statement from Suds Duds Society's July's Homebrew Club of the Month; Nordeast Brewers Alliance.  With over 70 members in the past 5 years straight and growing, they are one of the largest AHA-sanctioned homebrew clubs local to Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The club usually meet at Eastside Neighborhood Services from 7:00-9:00PM on the third Thursday of every month. If you ever plan on attending check their club calendar to be sure.  Their calendar is a great resource for all events including tap takeovers, parties, brew days and competitions. You can even stay up to date on current/past events and meetings through their website blog. 

Nordeast Brewers Alliance has amazing education located on their website to keep your brewing game on point.  They have posted articles on brewing high gravity beer (high alcohol), brew in a bag (BIAB), an off flavor tasting guide and guide to water, mash, sparge & pH.  So if you plan on brewing in a bag a high gravity beer and you want to ensure it taste right after it is done fermenting, you know where to go!

NBA offers great resources at your finger tips to help calculate the many steps of the beer building and brewing process.  Calculators such as strike water for the mash, building the water chemistry and formulating international bitter units when you build your beer recipe.  Yeast pitch rate calculator to ensure you have enough bugs to ferment the wort you created.  Calculating the amount of priming sugar to use when bottling after the beer is fermented to guarantee the correct amount of carbonation in the finished beer.  All great available resources to help build amazing recipes and to create a delicious homebrew!

Go go their website @ to check out all the resources & education.  Please do yourself a favor if you are a local Minneapolisian who loves to homebrew, is thinking about starting the hobby or an avid brewer who is visiting the area to check out the Nordeast Brewers Alliance.  It is a great community who loves beer, making beer and celebrating beer through meetings & events.  If you are not local, don't be afraid to submit your homebrew in their yearly AHA/BJCP sanctioned Big River Homebrew Contest.  Homebrew competitions offer great feedback from qualified judges to help you brew better beer.

Cheers to homebrewing and supporting small beer one homebrew club at a time!

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