Mica Town Brewing | Biotite Belgian Pale Ale

Mica Town Brewing | Biotite Belgian Pale Ale

Jason Snyder and Emily Causey landed in Marion, NC, and found themselves 25 miles from a brewery, which was a little out of the ordinary in the Asheville area of Western North Carolina. Their solution to the problem was to open a brewery of their own. Geologist Jason upgraded from his 10 gallon homebrew system to a 4bbl brew system. Mica Town Brewing Company opened its doors on December 31, 2017 in Downtown Marion, NC.

At Mica Town Brewing, we honor the heritage of Appalachian mining by carefully crafting beer inspired by the geology and hard working people of Western North Carolina. There’s rich history in these mountains. Evidence of mica mining reaches back almost 2,000 years for use as currency and jewelry. Mica is a sheet silicate mineral with nearly perfect cleavage which is why it’s easy to peel apart. Many of us collected this mineral as kids and some of us big kids still do. It’s been used in everything from furnace windows, insulation for the earliest electric motors, and as a shining agent in cosmetics, paints, and plastics.

Mica Town Brewing is the first and currently only brewery in McDowell County. Our main focus is on tradition brew styles. Our ten tap tasting room always pours a Kolsch, Stout, IPA, and house-made Ginger Beer. Five other taps rotate regularly with seasonal and one-off batches. Our last tap is dedicated to a guest cider. Next time you’re visiting WNC stop in and try some beer that rocks!

It is time to drop some beer knowledge on the Belgian Pale Ale... The overall impression of a Belgian Pale Ale is fruity, moderately malty, somewhat spicy, easy-drinking, copper-colored ale.  The BPA is amber to copper in color with very good clarity. Its creamy, rocky, white head often fades more quickly than other Belgian beers.  The Belgian Pale has a prominent aroma of toasty & biscuity malt with moderate fruity character and low hop aroma.  May have an orange- or pear-like fruitiness though not as fruity/citrusy as many other Belgian ales. 

The flavor leans toward fruity and slightly spicy with a smooth malt and light hop character. May have an orange- or pear-like fruitiness, though not as fruity/citrusy as many other Belgian ales. Belgian Pale has an initial soft, malty sweetness with a toasty, biscuity, nutty malt flavor. The hop flavor is low to none. There is a good balance between a dry and sweet finish, with hops becoming more pronounced in those with a drier finish.

Mica Town Brewing Company put their own American spin on the Belgian Pale in the Biotite BPA.  The optional addition of the orange peel will attribute to the fruity characteristic of the style while the coriander will add citrus, spice, nuttiness of the finished beer.  The absence of the Vienna and Munich malt will leave a cleaner base malt character with lower toast, biscuit and nut flavors. The late hop additions of Citra, Centennial and Cascade will give the beer more citrus and grapefruit hop flavor/aroma. The pairing of the fruit/spice additions, base malt choices and American hop additions leaves the drinker with a very balanced drinkable Belgian Single with subtle fruit, spice and hop aroma/flavors. Mica Town Brewing Biotite Belgian Pale Ale recipe is below so you best get brewing! Cheers!

Biotite Belgian Pale Ale (5 Gallon Batch)
-Malt Bill and Mashing:
  • 60 min Mash (@152 Degrees)
  • 6 lbs Breiss Pilsen
  • 2 lbs 8oz Breiss Wheat (White)
  • 1 lb 8oz Wheat Flakes
  • 8oz Rice Hulls
  • 4g CaSO4 & 4g CaCl (optional depending on local water chemistry)
  • Sparge (@168 Degrees)
- Boil and Hops Schedule
  • Boil 60 Minutes
  • 0.6oz Bravo, 60 Min (SOB)
  • 7g Irish Moss, 45 Min from SOB
  • (Optional) 3g Cracked Corriander Seed, 55 Min from SOB
  • (Optional) 10g Bitter Orange Peel, 55 Min from SOB
  • 1oz Citra, KO
  • 1oz Centennial, KO
  • 0.5oz Cascade, KO

    - Yeast and Fermentation

    • Belgian Ale Yeast (White Labs #WLP550)
    • Primary Ferment @ 70F for 7 days
    • Secondary Ferment @ 70F for 7 days
    • Optional Keg/Bottle Age For Upwards of a Month 
    • Drink & Enjoy!
    Analytical Targets
    OG 1.052
    FG 1.011
    ABV – 5.3%
    IBU - 45
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