Leaven Brewing | Transforming Grain for the Better

Leaven Brewing | Transforming Grain for the Better

The people behind Leaven Brewing is what makes this place unique, individual & independent from other brewing companies.  KJ has brewing experience that is unlike most.  He started at Fort Myers Brewing Co., learned the brewing process from the ground up and quickly became head brewer.  Soon after, KJ became the senior brewer at Brew Hub helping other local breweries grow their beer brands. Brewhub is a contract brewing facility with a 100bbl system and produces roughly around 98,000 barrels per year for brands that don't have the capacity to expand.




Jillian (fourth grade teacher) moved to Tampa with KJ, where their love for each other and the beer scene grew together.  They decided it was time to stop making other people’s dreams come true and start doing something for themselves.  They are a husband and wife team who has taken everything they had (including tons of sleep) to build a place where people can connect while drinking some dank delicious stuff. 


They built Leaven Brewing with their own hands. No frills, no venture capitalists, no investment group, just them and a long list of friends that they are absolutely grateful for.  Tore down walls, scraped up floors, demolished old structures, built a bar top to hand craft their own beers.  They are transforming grain for the better one beer at a time.


Leaven's brewhouse (Nicknamed Mc Brewface) is a 5BBL system made of 304 Stainless Steel with glass manways, American made Baldor SS washdown pumps and automatic rakes.  This brew house is good for 5 flagships and 5 rotational offerings year round.  The Red is essential to Leaven’s flagships and a single bugle plays when it taps.  Funny thing is they didn’t even name the beer...


In the beginning Leaven tossed some styles up on their menu and considered that would be enough. They had a Blonde, an IPA, a Stout, a Kolsch and “The Red”. The Red is their best seller much to everyone’s surprise. Many thought: “a Red Ale is too scandalous for those safe-beer drinkers out there in the burbs of Riverview.” Riverview sure showed them that they were wrong. KJ has to brew 5BBL of "The Red" every two weeks to keep up with demand. 


The Red is a version of the Irish Red Ale.  It’s an easy drinker with a low malt aroma and reddish-copper color. Characteristically this is a dry ale with traditional roasted, biscuity and caramel malt flavors.  Do yourself a favor when you are in the Tampa Florida area, go grab a few pints of Red at Leaven Brewing, and tell KJ & Jillian Dave sent you.  The Suds Duds Society members were lucky enough to get this recipe from the Leaven Brewing crew.  Don't miss out on any other bomb homebrew recipes and start supporting small beer one tee at time. Cheers! 

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