Hideaway Park Brewery | Choo Choo Chai

Hideaway Park Brewery | Choo Choo Chai

In a desperate attempt to flee the rat-race of corporate life and the crowds of the big city, the idea of this small brewery/taproom was conceived, like all good ideas are; on a friends couch after 2-10 too many beers after skiing all day. Most of these ideas are discarded in the morning while driving back to Denver, this one stuck and 6 months later we started construction.  The result was Hideaway Park Brewery out of Winter Park Colorado founded by The Man The Myth Andy Brumenschenkel.

During the winter, there is nothing better than having a one or multiple beers after hitting the hill all day!  The number of beers consumed is always determined by the snow conditions.  Good conditions = Less Beer, Bad Conditions = More Beer.  The snow is also great way to keep the beer cold but you have to remember where you put it! 

When the snow melts, its is time to dust off the mountain bike and hit the dirt. A post ride beer helps calm the nerves after an adrenaline pumping downhill section.  Or if you ate sh*t, an ice cold beer can be used as an ice pack on the gash and the second beer helps ease the pain.  Plan your rides accordingly to end at an cooler or local watering hole.   

As everyone makes New Year's Resolutions that they will eventually forget. Do yourself a favor and get outside.  You don't have to live in a mountain town to enjoy the great outdoors.  Before you start drinking (you can always take a beer for the peak), go for a walk, hike or a ride.  No matter what earn your beer and it will make it taste that much better!



Choo Choo Chai is close to an american amber base beer with lactose and chai spice tincture added.  Low to moderate hop aroma and flavor, malt flavors are moderate to strong, and usually show an initial malty sweetness followed by a moderate caramel flavor. Malt and hop bitterness are usually balanced and mutually supportive.  Amber to coppery brown in color, moderately large off-white head with good retention and generally quite clear.  The lactose will add some residual sweetness and body to beer with a touch of creaminess.  The Chai Spice tincture will add a slight flavor resembling a chai tea with a splash of cream.  Brew and enjoy!  

Choo Choo Chai (5 Gallon Batch)
-Malt Bill and Mashing:
  • 60 min Mash (150 Degrees)
  • 7 lbs 1 oz US Pale Malt
  • 2 lbs 13 oz Munich 10L
  • 7 oz Chocolate 350 SRM 
  • 5.5 oz Crystal 120L
  • 5.5 oz Roasted Barley 300 SRM
  • 3.5 oz Crystal 10L   
  • Sparge (@168 Degrees)
- Boil and Hops Schedule
  • Boil 60 Minutes
  • .63 oz of Magnum 60 Min = 26.1 IBU
  • 1 lb of Milk Sugar (Lactose) 15 Min
- Yeast and Fermentation
  • White Labs California Ale (White Labs #WLP001)
  • Primary Ferment @ 67*F for 4 Days
  • Suggested Secondary Ferment @ 67*F for 10 Days
  • Add Chai Spice Tincture* to Beer Post Fermentation
  • Suggested Keg/Bottle Age @ 65*F for 30 Days
Analytical Targets
OG 1.063
FG 1.016-1.018
ABV – 6%
IBU - 26.1
SRM –  24
Tinctures are liquid extracts of an herb and or spice.  They are highly concentrated so you don't have to use much to achieve the desired flavor.  The solvent or liquid base is a high proof alcohol which is helpful in killing any bacteria that may result in off-flavors in the finished beer.  Below are the instructions to build your Chai Spice Tincture to add to the american amber base beer post fermentation. Good luck! 
*Chai Spice Tincture Instructions:
  • Clean & Sanitize a Mason Jar
  • Add 4 oz of Chai Spice** to the Jar
  • Add 6 oz of Vodka to Submerge Spice
  • Cover & Soak for a 5-7 Days  
  • Strain Vodka from Spices Keeping Liquid
  • Add Liquid Tincture to Beer Post Ferment  
  • Begin with 1 oz increments of Tincture 
  • Add to Taste Until Optimal Flavor
**Chai Spice Ingredients:  Crystallized ginger nibs, Saigon cinnamon chips, green cardamom pods, star anise, cloves, black peppercorns & bay leaves.
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