Helton Brewing Co. | American Wheat

Helton Brewing Co. | American Wheat

Helton Brewing Company is a brewpub in Phoenix, AZ. The brewpub offers a unique experience of pairing their beers with a constantly changing selection of artisanal cheese, charcuterie, and specialized condiments. The bar has a dynamic array of wines and spirits that can be added to the tasting plate. The guests are able to order their own selections of meats, cheeses and condiments from the chalk board wall, making every experience a culinary adventure.  

The Helton Brewing Company is a place that all types of foodies, restaurateurs, sommeliers, chefs, brewers and beer enthusiasts want to go after work or on their day off to enjoy a pint and work on their palate. With such a playful environment and relaxed atmosphere the brewpub is a great place to enjoy the company of friends and family.

The brewer of Helton Brewing Company, Brian Helton, is a certified Cicerone and has spent many years developing menus for brewer’s dinners and has an extensive knowledge of how beer and food pair together. People have varying thresholds to different tastes from saltiness to butteriness to bitterness which impacts the beer and cheese pairing.

Some beers offer layers of flavor and nuances that defy the notion of what most people have in mind as beer. The level of hoppiness, fermentation flavors, alcohol, body, and aging of the beer lead to multi-dimensional taste. The hops in beer parallels the acidity in wine and the carbonation offers a textural component to the tasting and helps cut the fat from the palate.

Cheesmakers and brewers both come out of the background of centuries in fermentation science. Both rely on the principles of preserving food for later enjoyment. The charcuterie and condiments allow the guest to play with flavors and see how sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness changes the flavors of the beer. The Helton Brewing Company educates their guests on how their palate reacts to our pairings and bring extra excitement in a unique dining experience.

I am not always able to visit all the highlighted breweries but I was lucky enough to make the trip to Helton Brewing Co and let me tell you it was worth the trip!  It isn't always the case that brewpubs have great beer AND food.  Usually, the food or beer is great and the other is just mediocre.  This isn't the case with Helton Brewing Co.  The beer, food and staff upholds the standard of their great brand well.  The food presentation was on point and the kitchen was bumping feeding all the eager patrons. 

Every beer I sampled was delicious and brewed to style.  Particularly enjoyed the house West Coast IPA, Black IPA & Outlaw Cerveza.  The beer that surprised me the most was the Outlaw Cerveza because there was a subtle hint of lime not from added fruit but from a specific hop used.  Crazy crushable and could have drank 10 pints easily (Didn't because I had to drive)!  You can tell a great brewer from a bad brewer by drinking their lagers.  There is nothing to hide flaws behind and let me tell you there were no flaws! 

If you are ever in Phoenix, please do yourself a favor and go visit Brian over at Helton Brewing Co.  The staff is extremely polite and will guide you thru the menu and beer list.  Promise, you won't be disappointed.  If you can't make it to AZ anytime soon, the recipe for their American Wheat designed and brewed by Josh Archuleta is below.  This was his first professional design and brew.  He hit it out of the park and will have a hard time topping this beer!  Trust me, you want to brew this beer!  Cheers!

American Wheat Style Overall Impression: Refreshing wheat beers that can display more hop character and less yeast character than their German cousins. A clean fermentation character allows bready, doughy, or grainy wheat flavors to be complemented by hop flavor and bitterness rather than yeast qualities.

Helton Brewing Company

American Wheat Ale (5 Gallon Batch) 

Malt Bill and Mashing:


  • 60 min Mash (@152 Degrees) 
  • 4 lbs 9 oz Pale Malt (2 Row),Great Western (2.0 SRM)
  • 3 lbs 13.5 oz White Wheat Malt, Great Western (2.4 SRM)
  • 7.7 oz Flaked Oats, (1.0 SRM)
  • 8 oz Rice Hulls, (0.0 SRM)
  • Sparge (@168 Degrees)

    Boil and Hops Schedule:


  • Boil 60 Minutes
  • .44 oz Amarillo (8.3% AA), 60 Min
  • .52 oz Amarillo (8.3% AA), 30 Min
  • 1 oz Cascade (8.1% AA), 0 Min (Flame Out - Steep for 10 Min)
  • 1 oz Cascade (8.1% AA), Dry Hop Secondary

    Yeast and Fermentation:


  • California Ale Yeast (White Labs #WLP001)
  • Primary Ferment @ 68F for 7 days
  • Secondary Ferment @ 70F for 7 days
  • Keg/Bottle Age Till 2.5 Volume of CO2

    Analytical Targets:

    OG 1.048

    FG 1.010

    ABV - 5.0%

    IBU - 24

    SRM- 4.4

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