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Earth Rider Brewery | Precious Material Helles Lager

     Earth Rider beers are crafted by decorated brewers with cold, clear Lake Superior water and premium, hand-selected ingredients. We brew at the head of the Great Lakes on the Duluth-Superior Harbor for Minnesota & Wisconsin. Earth Rider began brewing in 2017, becoming the first brewery in Superior, Wis. to produce beer for the region since 1967 when the Northern Brewing Company closed.  The brewery building was constructed in the late 1880s as a bakery, transformed to a “bakery supply” store during prohibition, and then lasted five generations as a beer wholesaler.  Earth Rider’s Cedar Lounge taproom sits adjacent to the brewery and is a restored historic Northern Brewing Company tied-house tavern constructed in 1912. 

     That Lake Superior water and premium ingredients has lead to award winning beers.  Duluth Coffee Pale Ale won gold at the Great American Beer Festival (Coffee Beer division 2019) and North Tower Stout won bronze at the World Beer Cup (Oatmeal Stout division 2018). Lake Superior Magazine has named Earth Rider “Best of the Lake” (2019). With the snow piling up in the Duluth-Superior area, there is nothing better than lagering in the snow as a homebrewer!  Which is why we decided to highlight their Precious Material Helles Lager!  But what kind of Helles is it; Munich or German Export?

Precious Material, one of Earth Rider's flagship beers, is categorized as a German Helles Exportbier.  This export Helles was inspired by Augustiner Edelstoff (German Helles Lager Brewery), which Earth Rider founder Tim Nelson fell in love with on a trip to Bavaria. "Edelstoff" loosely translates to "Precious Material" hence the name.  It’s alcohol percentage and hop character is above what a standard Munich Helles classifying it more as a German Helles Exportbier.  The overall impression of a German Helles is a pale, well-balanced, smooth German lager that is slightly stronger than the average beer with a moderate body and a mild, aromatic hop and malt character.  Now that you know the difference between the Munich and German Helles, its time to start brewing!

Before you brew, don't forget to them on social media @earthriderbeer if you aren't already and tag them brewing the Precious Material Helles Lager below!  If you want to get a professional homebrew recipe with a brewery shirt and beer merchandise each month like Earth Rider Brewery think about joining Suds Duds Society.  Use promo code BLOG and receive 25% off your first recurring membership fee (1, 6 or 12 months).  Everyone brews better beer in their Suds Duds!


Earth Rider Brewery

Precious Materials

German Export Helles (15 Gallon Batch)


Malt Bill and Mashing:

60 min Mash (@152 Degrees)

25 lb (11.3 kg) Bohemian Pilsner malt

3 lb (1.36 kg) Vienna malt

1.5 lb (0.68 kg) Munich malt

0.75 lb (0.34 kg) CaraHell malt

Sparge @ 168 Degrees


Boil and Hops Schedule:

90 min Boil

4 oz (113 g) German Tettnang hops (90 min)

2.5 oz (71 g) German Tettnang hops (15 min)


Yeast and Fermentation:

WLP860 Munich Helles Lager Yeast (2L Starter)

Primary ferment @ 52 degrees until gravity hits 1.018

Raise ferment temperature to 60 degrees for diacetyl rest

Hold 2-3 days after completion of fermentation  

Cold crash before packaging

Keg/Bottle @ 2.3-2.7 Volume of CO2


Analytical Targets

OG 1.052

FG 1.010

ABV – 5.5%

IBU - 29

SRM - 3

Hold Fast & Drink Earth Rider!

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