Double Nickel Brewing | Lotus Vanilla IPA

Double Nickel Brewing | Lotus Vanilla IPA

Before opening their doors in 2015, Double Nickel Brewing set out to create something totally original yet inspired.  The question always at the forefront of their minds - how does something become a classic? The answer - bridging vision and tradition. Taking their name from the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge (historically nicknamed the Double Nickel Bridge), they create beer that lets you experience something familiar but somehow have it feel completely new. They strive every day to make beer that helps you reconnect with that sense of wonder.  The Double Nickel Brewing award-winning tasting room is open 7 days a week for drafts, flights, growler fills, packaged goods, and DNBC gear. Come by for a tour of their facility, to taste 20+ unique brews, and to wind down with family and friends.

Double Nickel Brewing was nice enough to share a homebrew recipe that wasn't even released yet!   Lotus, a Vanilla IPA, was released on December 10th and the recipe was shipped to members on the 15th with their shirts & pins.  It was really exciting to be holding onto the recipe that was in production and even more exciting to share it with all the readers now that the beer has been released!  Lotus Vanilla IPA was brewed with a hearty amount of spelt, oats and wheat and double dry hopped with Sabro, Lotus and Mosaic. They then conditioned Lotus on an uneconomical amount of Madagascan vanilla beans. ⁣

Double Nickel Brewing

Lotus Vanilla IPA

5.5 Gallon Batch

Malt Bill and Mashing:

• 60 min Mash (151 Degrees)

• 11 lbs Pilsner Malt

• 2.5 Lbs White Wheat Malt

• 1.5 lbs Oat Malt

• 1.5 lbs Spelt Malt

• 1.5 lbs Flaked Oats

• Sparge (165 Degrees)

Boil and Hops Schedule:

• Boil 60 Minutes

• .5 oz Nugget (13.0% AA) at 60 min

• 1 oz Lotus (13.0% AA) at flame out

Yeast and Fermentation:

• London Fog – Primary yeast

• Days 1-4, ferment at 68 degrees

• Days 4-12, ferment at 70 degrees

• Dry Hop with 1 oz Lotus and 2 oz Mosaic on day 4 of fermentation

• Dry Hop with 2 oz Lotus 2 days after fermentation is finished.

• Hold at 70 degrees 5 days after 2nd dry hop.

• Drop to 55 for 3 days. • Crash to 34 for 3 days.

• Age on vanilla beans for 5 days after cold crash (recommend 20 oz vanilla beans)

• Keg / Bottle at 2.5 vol of CO2

Analytical Targets: OG: 19.5 Plato | FG: 5.15 Plato | ABV: 8.0% | IBU: 22 | SRM: 8.5

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