Cascadia Brewers Alliance | Beer Built Community

Cascadia Brewers Alliance | Beer Built Community

The term Alliance can be defined as an union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations.  Cascadia Brewers Alliance was created for its members to benefit from each others experience and knowledge of brewing beer.  Through creative discussion and thoughtful analysis they hope to advance brewing as an art form at all levels. The CBA meetings are open to brewers of all levels from homebrewing all the way to professional brewing.

Cascadia Brewers Alliance meets at their local homebrew shop Bader Beer & Wine Supply to discuss a different brewing theme each month.  Most recently, the club organized an fermentation driven flavors gathering where its members analyzed beer with distinct off flavors.  The members gathered all their beer where fermentation went horribly wrong creating bi-products such as funk, butter, apples, bandaids & sourish flavors.  Knowing the difference between a good and bad sour or Diacetyl and DMS could prevent you from offering a sub-par product.  You are lying to yourself, if you are a brewer of any kind, that you hadn't had a batch go awry and you had to dump it. But don't worry, dumping a batch is a badge of honor and we've all been there.

With approximately 14 breweries and two malt plants located in Vancouver (Brewcouver for those locals) Washington, the community itself is built around beer and they all come together twice a year.  In Spring and Summer, Great Western Malt throws an event called the Vancouver Brewfest.  Patrons get to sample over 100 beers, eat delicious food, listen to live music and support local businesses.  Cascadia Brewers Alliance is there each session brewing a batch of beer spreading the great word of homebrew and supporting their headquarters Bader Beer & Wine Supply.  From the malt, to brewing, to the finished beer (homebrew or professional) it all comes full circle and there is a foot print leading back to the Cascadia Brewers Alliance.  

Do yourself a favor and go to Brewcouver!  On the 1st Thursday of every month, grab a People's Pilsner (or a few) at Brothers Cascadia and go to the Cascadia Brewers Alliance meeting at Bader Beer and Wine.  Links are below for all beer resources Vancouver Washington.  Start homebrewing and support small beer one tee at a time!  Cheers! 

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