Roughtail Brewing | Kettle Hops Are Old School

Roughtail Brewing | Kettle Hops Are Old School

If you have been to a brewery or craft beer bar recently you have probably heard the terms “juicy” or “hazy” IPA.  You may have used the terms yourself while asking your beertender for one on tap or as a descriptor while drinking one at your local watering hole.  The hazy IPA originated in New England and has made its way to the west coast exploding into what we in the industry call the Haze Craze.  But do you really know why they are hazy and why most drinkers call them juicy?  The answer is pretty simple; adjuncts, yeast and late hop additions. 

The adjuncts (grain products) used are high in protein giving the beer a hazy appearance and adding little more body to the finished product.  The different strains of yeast used are all similar in the sense that they don’t ferment the beer down as low leaving little more body and don’t drop out of solution in the finished beer.  The hops are added later in the boil or not at all with hop additions happening in the whirlpool and dry-hopping.  With the ingredients and practices intact, the beer drinker is left with an IPA that is hazy, fuller bodied and loaded with hop flavor/aroma.  Much more drinkable to most consumers than the crystal clear bitter west coast IPA.   

June’s highlighted brewery, Roughtail Brewing, specializes in crafting aggressively-hopped New England and West Coast IPA’s out of Midwest City, Oklahoma. They brew what they like to drink, but more importantly they brew what craft beer drinkers like to drink.  Both, Blaine Stansel (CEO) & Tony Tielli (Head-Brewer), love brewing hoppy beer and it all started when they met through a local homebrew club brewing what you are drinking today.  One of the recipes, Everything Rhymes With Orange (ERWO) is one if not the most popular beer they brew hence why ERWO is the beer recipe of the month.  It’s a 6.5% NE IPA, that’s juicy and lightly bittered with a ton of aroma and a soft highly drinkable finish. 

Do yourself a favor and find Roughtail Beer whenever you are in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.  You will not regret it.  Lastly, support small breweries like Roughtail Brewing and join Suds Duds Society.  Portion of each membership goes to the highlighted brewery.  Support small beer one tee at a time.  Cheers!

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