Big Alice Brewing | No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Big Alice Brewing | No Sleep Till Brooklyn

BIG aLICe BREWING Co. began production in January 2013.  On their original 10-gallon pilot system, they brewed and exclusively bottled flavor-forward, one-off batches, which were sold on-premises through their CSB membership program.  Founders Kyle Hurst and Scott Berger connected with local CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) and Food Co-ops to find local, fresh, and organic ingredients with the idea of preserving seasonal flavors through beer.

Since 2013, they have opened a taproom for onsite drinking, expanded their brewing capacity, distribute throughout the five boroughs, Long Island, greater New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and will be opening a second barrel aging venue in Brooklyn in 2019.  They are still committed to creative small-batches and continue to brew beers that challenge them and excite you.  

As a licensed New York State farm brewery, their beers support local and state agriculture.  They partner with state hop farmers and maltsters to source ingredients, and collaborate with local Queens businesses for specialty ingredients such as cold brew coffee, donuts, honey, and beyond. 


And the name... BIG aLICe BREWING was not created based off anyone by the name of Alice who has a plump figure. Their name honors a Queens landmark and connects them with the history and growth of their borough, and immediate neighborhood of Long Island City.  The Queens skyline is marked by the four Ravenswood, red and white generator stacks.  The largest of these generators was built by the Milwaukee-based company, Allis-Chalmers.  In 1963 they operated the world’s largest generator producing enough units to serve 3,000,000 people.  Acknowledging the large population it served at the time, the Queens community nicknamed the generator ‘Big Allis’.  

As a company, Suds Duds Society, highlights small independent breweries throughout the United States fighting the fight against big beer trying to disguise themselves as small beer.  BIG aLICe BREWING is a direct example of just that.  BIG aLICe BREWING is proud to display the Brewers Association Craft Brewers Seal to celebrate the spirit of independent craft beer and help beer drinkers know which beers are brewed by small and independent craft brewers. They are proud to support the community they live in, put community above corporation, and people ahead of profit.

Do yourself a favor when you are in NYC and visit BIG aLICe BREWING!  Enjoy everything from a clean crisp NYC Pils, East Coast Hazy, to a smoked Porter at their OG Queens location.  If you like beer & wood, BigA's Barrel-Aged Program is expanding to their new tasting room location at Industry City in Brooklyn.  Your New Year's Resolution for 2019 is to visit both locations and get a taste of New York Brewery history.  First NYC Brewery to have locations in both Queens and Brooklyn!

Support Small Beer One Tee at a Time!  Cheers!

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