• Big Alice Brewing | No Sleep Till Brooklyn

    Big Alice Brewing | No Sleep Till Brooklyn

    BIG aLICe BREWING Co. began production in January 2013.  On their original 10-gallon pilot system, they brewed and exclusively bottled flavor-forward, one-off batches, which were sold on-premises through their CSB membership program.  Founders Kyle Hurst and Scott Berger connected with local CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) and Food Co-ops to find local, fresh, and organic ingredients with the idea of preserving seasonal flavors through beer. Since 2013, they have opened a taproom for onsite drinking, expanded their brewing capacity, distribute throughout the five boroughs, Long Island, greater New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and will be opening a second barrel aging...

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  • Zaftig Brewing Co | Full Bodied, High Gravity Ales

    Zaftig Brewing Co | Full Bodied, High Gravity Ales

    Founded in 2013, Zaftig is the only craft brewery in Worthington, Ohio. They are unique in that they focus on high gravity, full bodied ales. Full body, high gravity means a big mouth feel and a generally higher alcohol by volume percentage. Zaftig is a German Yiddish word meaning "(of a woman) having a full, rounded figure; plump". The original German is saftig - or "juicy". They hold true to this by making every beer evoke a taste or mouthfeel of voluptuousness and fullness - even in the lighter beer. Zaftig prides themselves on using locally-sourced or Ohio-grown ingredients, and giving back to...

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  • Beer Can Island Brewers | Mash-Up of Individuals

    Beer Can Island Brewers | Mash-Up of Individuals

    Suds Duds Society always tries to support local homebrew clubs affiliated with the highlighted brewery of the month. Beer Can Island Brewers was chosen to be the highlighted homebrew club because they are good friends with the KJ & Jillian of Leaven Brewing.  Jay Patel, one of the Founding Fathers of BCIB, was invited and attended the very first Suds Duds Social at Leaven Brewing.  We set up a tab for the homebrew club to enjoy some beer and hold a loose meeting on a Saturday night.  One of many topics discussed was the beer brewed before the event; a...

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  • Leaven Brewing | Transforming Grain for the Better

    Leaven Brewing | Transforming Grain for the Better

    The people behind Leaven Brewing is what makes this place unique, individual & independent from other brewing companies.  KJ has brewing experience that is unlike most.  He started at Fort Myers Brewing Co., learned the brewing process from the ground up and quickly became head brewer.  Soon after, KJ became the senior brewer at Brew Hub helping other local breweries grow their beer brands. Brewhub is a contract brewing facility with a 100bbl system and produces roughly around 98,000 barrels per year for brands that don't have the capacity to expand.       Jillian (fourth grade teacher) moved to Tampa...

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  • Cascadia Brewers Alliance | Beer Built Community

    Cascadia Brewers Alliance | Beer Built Community

    The term Alliance can be defined as an union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations.  Cascadia Brewers Alliance was created for its members to benefit from each others experience and knowledge of brewing beer.  Through creative discussion and thoughtful analysis they hope to advance brewing as an art form at all levels. The CBA meetings are open to brewers of all levels from homebrewing all the way to professional brewing. Cascadia Brewers Alliance meets at their local homebrew shop Bader Beer & Wine Supply to discuss a different brewing theme each month.  Most recently, the club organized...

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  • Brothers Cascadia | Dedication in Every Glass

    Brothers Cascadia | Dedication in Every Glass

    Forged in this place, Crafted by its people, Dedication in every glass. | | |      Nestled in the heart of Cascadia, the brewery and taproom prides itself in creating flavorful, consistent and innovative beers. In Vancouver, Wa, just north of Portland, and right off I-5, they are conveniently located for your next visit to the Pacific Northwest. The focus has been set on IPAs & Lagers with their tap list generally reflecting that (with occasional off beat seasonals). They are also working on an ever growing barrel collection, housing many mixed culture sour beers. Recently BCB acquired a...

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