Brewery T-Shirt Membership

Each month members will receive a t-shirt, beer merchandise and a homebrew recipe from a different brewery.  Small breweries throughout the U.S. will be chosen for excellence in the craft.  The West, Mid-West, South and Northeast regions will be represented on a continuous four month rotation.  A portion of each membership will go to the highlighted brewery.  In addition, each month a member chosen at random will win a surprise gift in their package!

Tactical Brewing Co. | Orlando, FL

Tactical Brewing Co. is located in sunny Orlando Florida.  They are owned and operated by military veterans and cool people that love this country and great craft beer!  Their mission is to create high quality craft beer first and foremost while educating their customers in the beer making process.  They strive to provide an exhilarating atmosphere and brand unlike anywhere else for their thirsty patrons.  Tactical Brewing Co. wants every customer to feel welcomed and seek to serve as a community hub for veterans, first responders, and beer lovers alike.  

“Strategically Chaotic Beer For Those Who Have Been There and Done That.”

Suds Duds Society Men's Membership

Male craft beer enthusiasts will receive a men's brewery t-shirt, promotional item and homebrew recipe in the mail monthly.  Choose from one, six or twelve month recurring memberships.  Support small beer one tee at a time!  Bottom's Up! 

SDS Branded Merchandise

Suds Duds Society merchandise is now available including branded headwear and glassware.  Craft beer was not meant to be drank from a regular boring pint glass and your dome piece was meant to wear a hat while you drink beer!  Salute to small beer!

Suds Duds Society Women's Membership

Female craft beer enthusiasts will receive a women's brewery t-shirt, promotional item and homebrew recipe in the mail monthly.  Choose from one, six or twelve month recurring memberships.  Support small beer one tee at a time!  Prost! 

Beer, Casual Wear, and Community

Suds Duds Society is a community of passionate beer drinkers who love casual brewery wear. But SDS is more than just bitchin’ beer duds. SDS evolved out of one man’s obsession with all things beer, and how to bring more beer to you, the beer consumer. Suds Duds’ founder Dave Bagley is an award-winning homebrewer himself and has a deep respect for small local beer and its brewers. Dave has brewed on a professional system and has been lucky enough to work directly with many craft breweries on designing and marketing their brand. He knows the hard work and dedication it takes to brew quality craft beer on a large scale AND build a successful brand. SDS is a powerful and exciting way to support and connect you, the beer lover, with both the small independent beers you crave and craft beer’s roots in homebrewing. Every time you rep your new Suds Duds, you can feel good knowing a portion of your membership is contributing to the success of that brewery. Support small beer one tee at a time. Cheers.

Follow Small Beer One Post At A Time

Each month, we will post about the highlighted brewery on our blog.  The post will give you a unique, in-depth view of the brewery’s philosophy, staff and beer.  We will also feature the month’s clone homebrew recipe based off one of the brewery's production beers. Cheers!

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